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Divination Tools - i-Ching, Pendulum, Dowsing Rods, Tarot and Angel Cards or Crystal Ball Method

Divination Tools

Sometimes, we consult with a variety of divination tools. There is dowsing with a pendulum or dowsing rods, there is a crystal ball method, or a tea leaf reading method. There are runes, Tarot cards, angel cards, the i-ching and channeling.

Angel Cards or Oracle Cards. These cards provide access of arch-angelic beings that want only love. A 45 card deck offers a tool to create a beautiful space for receiving information about relationships, finances, career, change, health, personal endeavors and life purpose. Angel cards help decipher with confidence and peace of mind in any aspect of life. Angels do not have ears. They feel the vibration and the belief associated with the vibration. A key point is to meditate before manifesting so that the belief is in sync with the question being presented. If you do not feel worthy on the inside, asking for a partner may bring about one that is not soul-cell aligned. Just an FYI manifest from a place of benevolence, emptiness and stillness.

-Ching or Book of Changes. A guide to life’s turning points. The i-ching is a very old, very wise book. It is a living breathing oracle and a patient and all-seeing teacher who can be relied upon for flawless advice for those that embody its sincerity NOW putting aside doubt and any mistrust of the unknown with a willingness to reflect upon our own character and to correct it when self correction is advised. This divination method restores harmony as a model of whole wisdom of the unconscious mind. It is a symbolic guidance for reinforcing moral decision making. Nothing is fixed, constantly changing of the great ultimate. Formulate a question only after meditation to insure vibratory alignment for hearing the answer(s). Good fortune befalls the devoted student of the i-ching.

There are 4,096 possible combinations.

young yin - negative dark tail (binary = 10)

old yin - changes (binary = 00)

young yang - positive light head (binary = 01)

old yang - changes (binary = 11)

I use the 3-penny method where the minority coin determines the line.

There are six lines of a hexagram representing different areas of influence. 6 line - represents heaven influenced by moral-spiritual


4 line - represents man influenced by human-social


2 line - represents earth influenced by natural-material


Not to get too science oriented, that said, I do want to express the similarity of the i-ching with the patterns of the 64 DNA codon expressions that is said to contain the ‘DATA’ or instructions an organism needs to develop, live and reproduce. The basis is what determines the instructions or genetic code. The DNA are phosphate, sugar, nitrogen and the four-basis of nitrogen or adenine, thymine, cytosine, guanine. These basis make proteins in the language of the cell translated by the RNA which represents the universal characteristics of yin and yang and ever changing possibilities.

The DNA contains the genetic material and processes to form biological body of everything alive.

Whereas the i-ching contains the philosophical and psychological processes to form changing and traditional states of the human mind and spirit. They are the containers of very specific replicable information. They communicate in a binary way, which is the most simplistic route of complexity taking the path of the Law of Parsimony. Keep it simple. It asks…. absence or presence? yes or no? and is the same language pattern to exchange information. Both follow a duality process of DNA/RNA or Yin/YANG...

Yin yields to deliver

Yang to firm up and cause change.

Channeling - Is a strong connection with Akasha. It is a form of communication with the unseen. It is natural and part of the standard equipment we are all born with. A channeler is like a translator or an interpreter allowing Spirit to become attached to words for the information to be received for understanding by themselves or others.

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