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"The Shaman Shack"

Offerings include:   Sound and Frequency Healing (hands on)

Sound and Frequency Healing - Sound and Frequency Healing - Sound Frequency healing with QRS, Plazmonics, Chromotherapy, crystals, essential oils and cleansing.  LED lights, PEMF, magnets and cold plasma.  Sound instruments, light language, chanting, toning, iriculor healing, reflexology.

Pyramid Healing - Pyramids deflect any type of cosmic rays that are falling on its apex, forming a new and powerful bioenergy field.  Pyramids have an excellent negative ionization effect which enhances the body, improves concentration, enables greater oxygen intake, reduces stress and synchronizes the chakra system.  Access to Higher consciousness while sitting or laying under a 9’ pyramid with appropriate frequencies using cold plasma flow in harmonic convergence.

Vocal Toning / Healing thru Sound Vibration Instruction -  Chanting and toning (a gentle form of sound) or ‘tone healing’ helps synchronize the water and brain waves to achieve relaxation and promote harmonic resonance for the ‘normal vibratory frequencies’ in our cells to anchor, re-establishing equanimity, inner peace and alleviates the stress chemicals in the brain.  

Bija (origin) or Sound Seed Mantra - Certain sounds which cannot be translated into a literal meaning but have the power to create great transformative growth and expansion in humans at the physical, emotional and spiritual levels are known as “Bija” or Seed Mantras. Mantra or instrument of thought/mind.  Using Bija sound seeds helps to charge the associated chakra system, our rainbow body, or psychic center system also known as our bio-energy field or the subtle nerve centers.

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