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Client Experiences

Samuel S. / Health and Wellness Coach

I highly recommend Anne to anybody who feels lost, hurt, under attack or just needs a friendly therapeutic listening ear.  Anne's healing is exponential because when she helps you, you help others.

Neomi / Manager

I no longer carry the burden of negative, no longer feel the  need to cater to it by attacking it.  I just let things go now.  Me and my wife have noticed a dramatic change in my demeanor with Anne and feel the peace from the frequencies again and again.

Melanie / Production Artist

I feel so much joy.  I was able to release so much of what (I did not even realize) was holding me back.  It is like the release has accelerated my awareness expansion.  My dreams are more vivid than usual and I was able to receive even more than I usually do from them.  I am most grateful to you.

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