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Peter Fox with whom I met for the first time on June 11, 2012, at a friends suggestion.   I scheduled a life changing appointment for a reiki massage.  It was everything and then some.  It was Shamanic.  It was the most beautiful connection of energy that pushed the shit bucket filled energies along again.  I have never been the same.  


It helped me heal myself through his loving touch and energetic alignment with movement, literally  hoisting altering the charges within my body mind and soul, exonerating the energy without words necessarily, and yet sometimes, tones, chants, sneezes, manic laughter or some other form of elimination would allow for this loving energy access and remembrance of divine health to find its way home.  


It isn’t just that it is energy movement or reiki, it is that it is Peter Fox, the most humble man I have ever met.  He loves without condition.  He sees the color spectrum and uses it to help aid in the chance for the highest perspective of the person to step into their own remembrances.  


For me, I chose to heal and thus the alignment allowed this. Peter is a pure light of healing electric energy with full alignment within his soul  To know him, is a privilege,  To call him friend, is simply breath-giving.  For more information see link below.

Dr. Michael Lukens, for looking me straight in the eyes and saying, ‘please consider leaving before you are crippled’; I listened and learned to love, even had an EGO funeral.  Thank you for helping me get my shit together.  Doc Lukens is a retired Psychologist healer of emotions, a motivations theorist and published author.

Riley Shea Butters, for being my awakener.  For teaching me the truest meaning of love.  It is across all time and space.  You are my heart.


My friends, for being.


And to me, for aligning and loving myself for the very first time.  Rome wasn’t built in a day, and I have a toga fetish!

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