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Offerings include:  iChing, Oracle cards, Meditation, Light Language & Channeling and Reiki & Pranic  healing sessions.

iChing (Book of Changes) Session - A divination or oracle method that is said to help us embody modesty, awareness, acceptance, adaptability, compassion, restraint, innocence, perseverance, tolerance, reticence, devotion to inner truth, patience, openness, detachment, conscientiousness, balance and inner independence.  The qualities the iChing presents offers a chance to go beyond fear, anger, desire, arrogance, aggressiveness, anxiety, harshness, cunning, goal oriented self-indulgence as it advises and helps to restore harmony with wisdom from the unconscious mind, providing symbolic guidance for reinforcing moral decision making.  One puts aside doubt and mistrust of the unknown with a willingness to reflect clearly upon our own character and to correct it where self correction is advised.    Align with a question and the i-Ching delivers the answers.


Oracle Card Session - Accurately reflect what is going on in the NOW, especially areas that one has not fully accepted.  Angel - chakra - soul group readings help people at a crossroads in relationships, career guidance and finding one’s life purpose.  Readings may be very useful for personal development for someone with a willingness to be open for growth.

Meditation - a mental science that explores all phases of consciousness.  It has nothing to do with the muscular actions of the body.  On-line, Private and Group Sessions available.

Light Language & Channeling

Reiki & Pranic Healing Session

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