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About Anne

When Anne was a little girl she would sit in her front yard and connect with intelligent energy; she would feel it all.  Anne had this inner knowing without words.  One time Anne's mother accidentally closed her thumb in the car door rendering her inconsolable.  Her mom took her to some Charismatic Catholic healers who spoke in tongues or Glossolalia or Light Language.

From that day forward that was her primary form of communication.  Both spoken and unspoken.  Her perspective became light language or sarcasm for the act of healing.  

As an INFJ/E introvert, to overcome hidden insecurities and the fear of public speaking, she took many comedy classes.  She learned how to write jokes and present situations and twists to perspectives for the purposes of higher consciousness.  

Public speaking helped prepare her for the intuitive yoga and meditation classes she offers on-line or in-person.  As an HSP and natural born synesthete, it allows for the higher dimensional form of communication to see, hear, touch, taste and feel in color sound and frequency. 


Anne wanted to have a deeper more personal relationship with her own body.  She was feeling everyone else's energies and wanted to discern who she was.  She is YTT200 and working towards YTT500, a licensed massage therapist (LMT) and a certified pranic and reiki attuned healer.  Yoga means to yoke; it is to find the union within the seat of the soul.  To find oneself.  


She expanded into the bio-hacking field with PEMF (Pulse Electro Magnetic Frequencies) and into ‘Herbal Electric’, or micro-current therapy.  Einstein said, "the future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies" or sound.  As a sound and frequency healer, she helps her clients find the tone that helps them heal, their vagal tone.  

Anne works with the precursor system or before the DTA'S (dramas, traumas, accidents and shocks) affected the body, mind and spirit.  Whereas chiropractors are interested in the bones, the massage therapists are interested in the muscles; Anne is interested in the precursor nadi system.  Nadis are the channels through which energy flows.  These unique channels are interwoven with the nervous system, and when plugged in, begins the opportunity for the development of higher consciousness or as Anne says, the telepathic mind. 


An active yoga/meditation teacher and perpetual student, Anne encourages others to find and anchor their colorful inner soul. 

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