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Hyland’s Bioplasma Cell Salts

Hyland’s Cell Salts provide general support for cellular growth by correcting the imbalances and deficiencies in the body’s cellular nutrition at the root issue.

Humans are not just purely of biological construct, but that of bioelectronic, biochemical and informational processes also play a role. They are responsible for the development of the mental processes of man.

Man's biological system uses for communication not only the biochemical means, but also the electromagnetic and acoustic waves, spin fields and bioplasma. Bioplasma is in the protein or the piezoelectric organic compounds. This process is done by the biochemical release of energy through the metabolic processes through the senses. Bioplasma is the basis for consciousness.

Cell salts are composed of 12 essential minerals that makeup all of the human cellular tissues and bring the cellular energy body into balance, offers relief for a variety of symptoms and ailments. These may be used orally or soaked in a little water for topical application (i.e. wound healing). The 12 essential minerals are as follows:

  1. Calcium fluoride strengthens bones, teeth, toothaches, hemorrhoids, circulation, colds, coughs and flu.

  2. Calcium phosphate used for teething, growth spurts, fatigue, osteoporosis sore throat and anxiety.

  3. Calcium sulfate colds sore throats acne liver support cradle cap absesses ezcema and rashes

  4. Ferrous phosphate inflammation, fever, swelling, circulation, anemia and nose bleeds would healing

  5. Potassium chloride colds sore throats runny nose sinusitis ear infections dandruff anxiety and confusion

  6. Potassium phosphate nerve support irritability depression insomnia headaches anxiety fatigue memory and focus

  7. Potassium sulphate fatigue colds constipation detoxing hot flashes stiff joints and psoriasis

  8. Magnesium phosphate headaches cramps anti-spasmodic, twitches, hiccups carpal tunnel

  9. Sodium chloride high blood pressure water balancer hay fever puffy eyes dry skin cold sores hives heartburn PMS menopause GRIEF

  10. Sodium phosphate gout cystitis detox kidney problems neutralizes acid reflux skin worms, food allergies indigestion

  11. Sodium sulphate asthma nausea thrush liver support flu depression fear gloominess

  12. Silica hair skin nails weakness detox focus also included.

During pregnancy, the phase of building an entirely new body from a single cell, tissue salts are required for the development of the fetus. We are born with 9 of the 12 cell salts without stripping the minerals away from the well being of the biological mother. Lifestyle, nutrition and age minimize our balances.

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