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Chirp Roller for Back

My boyfriend sent me the Chirp Wheels as a gift. I hadn’t heard of them before since I'm not a TV watcher or news reader. I am however totally into anything that may help me and others feel better, without the use of allopathic medicine.

So, I hit the ground rolling basically. As a yoga instructor, and a Shamanic practitioner, I find that the CW’s help boost core strength. This is great, roll your way to health! They are great at relieving lower back pain, they stretch, release and soothe sore achy muscles, which in turn relieves tension, and tension headaches. I am particularly sensitive to any holistic head pain relievers and remedies having experienced head trauma.

When CW’s are used mindfully, they may provide you with mini adjustments to the spine with the easy on the spine shape that protects the spinal cord.

They are affordable, and even make a great gift for someone who is looking for ways to heal whole whether on their own or in a group setting.

Basics I noticed…

The large roll is best used with someone assisting unless you are an experienced yoga, pilates, or contortionist. So go slow if, like me, you want to try it alone then consider a backwards table position and just roll keeping weight on hands and feet until you feel it is reasonable to slowly lower and allow the wheel to do the work.

The middle wheel is great for low back and mid back attention. Even sitting on the ground with it lodged behind my body it offers great support and relief; and then to roll slowly back onto it is a little bliss-like!

Finally, last, but not least, the MINI wheel. This is great. No, it is GREAT for the shoulders and neck areas! Again slow and mindful usage is key. I like to lay on the ground, with my knees bent place the mini behind my neck; then a slow pelvis tilt and I can ever so gently wiggle my shoulder blades and neck muscles into awesome sauce releases!

Simple easy smart and fun. Chirp Wheel.

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