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The Plazomic™ Cold Plasma Field (Plazomic™CPF) Device generates electromagnetic fields by means of two plasma tube antennas. A plasma tube antenna is a type of radio antenna in which plasma is used instead of the metal elements of a traditional antenna. Although plasma antennas have only become practical in recent years, the idea is not new, a patent for an antenna using the concept was granted to J. Hettinger in 1919. Plasma’s used in plasma field antennas are composed of ionized gases with charged ionic species, active molecules and atoms that are enclosed in a confined space. The plasma fields transmit the simple to complex electromagnetic frequencies in the audio range (0.1 to 5,000 cycles per second). The Plazomic™CPF is a safe and efficient means to generate specific frequency patterns.

The Plazomic™ CPF generator developed by Wellness PEMF has integrated electrical designs that have significantly reduced the risk electrical shocks and electrical shorts from the wiring that connects the plasma frequency generator to the plasma tube. The wiring from other plasma field generators normally carry between 10,000 and 30,000 volts. The Plazomics Cold Plasma Field generator wiring carries only a few volts. In addition, the requirement of tuning the plasma tube carrier frequency has been eliminated by placing a specially designed transformer at the base of the plasma tube. The output from the plasma tube has been designed to allow the plasma tube to be touched when lighted without experiencing electrical discharge.

The wave forms sent to the two plasma tube antennas are 180 degree phase shifted, to allow for an enhanced square wave signal with a low power output. One ‘’Candle’’ generates a positive signal and the other generates a negative signal. When the target is placed between the two, it will be located in the ‘’Null field”, where it will receive the best effect. The power between the candles is only 5 watts. There are other companies on the market that produce multiple frequency programs that will run on the Plazomic™ CPF.


A cold plasma is an ionized gas that functions as an excellent conductor of electricity that is affected by magnetic fields. Plasma like gases have an indefinite shape and an indefinite volume. Think of a plasma as the fourth state of matter.

The first three states of matter are solids, liquids and gases. Plasmas that are common in nature are fire, lightening, Aurora Northern Lights, suns & stars. A plasma antenna is essentially an excellent conductor that serves as a transmission line element for guiding waves or antenna surfaces for radiation or broadcasting. When the gas in the tube is ionized by high voltage, a current flows within the tube. The flowing current creates an electric and a magnetic field. The two fields created by the antenna propagate through space.


PEMF is a faint magnetic current that is so small it is measured i millionths of an amp. By comparison, a TENS but and most other electro-therapies produce milliamps, 1000 times greater, Your own cells generate a current ib the microamp range and this is why you can’t feel it, the crypt is so low it doesn’t stimulate sensory nerves. Frequency therapy has been in use for over 80 years.

Chronic musculoskeletal pain, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, and neuropathic pain all have one thing in common. They are all sources of pain. Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy is great at reducing pain. It reduces pain without harmful side effects. It is not habit-forming. Being pain-free can become a positive addiction, but that is not the type of addiction we had in mind.


PEMF is a physiological modality that increases ATP (energy) production in the cells of your body by up to 500% and increases protein synthesis and waste product removal. In doing so, this dramatically increases the tissue’s healing rate. The almost immediate response to the correct frequencies suggests that other mechanisms are involved well, The exact effects or changes that result from frequencies have not been proven because no biopsies have been done after PMFT has been applied. Nevertheless, the changes in the tissue are unmistakable;scars will often suddenly softer; trigger points often become less painful; swelling often drains within minutes when the ‘correct:” frequency is applied. In many situations, the changes seen seem to be lost lasting and in many cases permanent. HOW DO PEMF FREQUENCIES WORK? The theory behind PEMFT, is that is works on the principle of biologic resonance. A singer can shatter a glass when a note resonates with the crystal structure of the glass. Pulsed Magnetic Frequencies seem to be able to resonate with biologic tissue when the frequency is correct. Once the tissue is changed and stable, it seems to be able to stay in the new configuration with proper nutritional support. Frequencies reduce inflammation almost immediately.

Every cell and molecule in your body has it's own unique resonant frequency. The human body is like a symphony orchestra comprising many musical instruments, with each instrument playing or resonating to a different note or frequency. Research has shown that when tissue is in a state of either disease or injury, it resonates at a frequency different from its optimal or usual resonant frequency. By reintroducing the proper frequency for that tissue, the natural resonance brings the tissue back into balance and harmony. PEMF works because every structure has its own unique resonant frequency, and every structure naturally wants to return to a state of balance and health.

PEMF therapy has been used clinically to stimulate bone formation and assist in healing non-union fractures. The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has approved several devices that transmit low level PEMFs for treatment of non-union fractures. Clinical studies have demonstrated that PEMF therapy may help prevent and treat osteoporosis. The FDA has also approved a PEMF device that has been successful in treatment of refractory depression by a technique called repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS).

At the cellular level, low-level PEMFs have also been shown to positively affect enzymatic processes and stimulate growth factors involved in cellular repair and bone formation. All membranes within and surrounding every cell separate charges and create transmembrane electrical potentials. PEMFs interact and alter the transmembrane potential by influencing the migration of ions across the membrane. Low-level PEMFs have been shown to exert an anti-inflammatory effect through restoration of plasma membrane calcium ATPase activity. Multiple published scientific studies have demonstrated that low-level PEMFs produce a statistically significant reduction in pain when treating acute whiplash injuries, chronic musculoskeletal pain, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, epicondylitis, and neuropathic pain. A 2003 study by NASA showed that very low level PEMFs up-regulate genes involved in normal cell growth.19 NASA has also studied the application of PEMF to reduce muscle atrophy and bone loss associated with space flight. The EM272A is the most advanced, user-friendly, safe and versatile PEMF device that combines:

  • Seven Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields (PEMF)

  • Seven Pulsed Red/Deep Red/InfraRed LED Fields

  • Two Pulsed Red LED Cold Laser Fields

PULSED ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS (PEMF): Seven pulsed electromagnetic fields are generated simultaneously by seven magnetic induction coils. Each magnetic induction coil generates one frequency for a specified time period. The seven magnetic induction coils are arranged in a hexagonal pattern with a central inductor coil. The frequency generated by each magnetic induction coil is indicated by an LED indicator light next to the inductor coil. The magnetic polarity of the output from the induction coils is dependent upon the surface of the magnetic disc that is applied. Since each magnetic inductor coil can generate a unique programmable frequency (1 to 4,999 Hz), multiple induction coils can also be programmed with the same frequency.

LED LIGHT FIELDS: Two LED disks can be connected to the EM272a. Seven groupings of three (red 620 nm, deep red 670 nm, infrared 730 nm) 100 lumen LEDs generate frequencies simultaneously. Each group of three (red, deep red, infrared) LED lights generates one frequency for a specified time period. The seven groups of three (red, deep red, infrared) LED lights are arranged in a hexagonal pattern with an additional central group of three (red, deep red, infrared) LED lights. One frequency is generated by each group of three (red, deep red, infrared) LED lights. Since each group of three (red, deep red, infrared) LED lights can generate a unique programmable frequency (1 to 4,999 Hz), multiple groups of three (red, deep red, infrared) LED lights can be programmed with the same frequency, or up to seven individual frequencies.

COLD LASER LED: Two Cold LED Lasers generate a low energy red laser light. Each red LED cold Laser generates one programmable frequency (1 to 4,999 Hz) for a specified period. WHAT ARE THE SIDE EFFECTS OF PEMFT? Resonance appears to change the muscle tissue, removing long stored waste products and increasing cellular metabolism so quickly that there may be a detoxification reaction after treatment. Some people have similar reaction after a massage but the reaction after PEMFT is stronger because we do so much in a short period of time. The side effects may include, nausea, fatigue, drowsiness. PREPARING FOR PEMF

Hydrate - two quarts of spring or filtered water per day. Ideally a quart before treatment and a quart after treatment. Coffee, tea and soda do not count as hydration. PEMF excites the cell and opens the receptors so that the cell can bring in more energy and clean out the trash. Water or water with a little lemon is the only liquid that will help. Clean Diet - Try to keep as clean of a diet as possible so that the cell can receive the good nutrients. No white bread, sugar, soda, processed food or fast food. The more toward the vegetarian side, the better. No opiates if possible - Any of the opiates (Norco, Lortab, Codone) seem to lessen the effect of the treatment,. If possible, it would be better to not gave an Opirte for 24 hours prior to treatment. If you doctor prescribes that you must have Opiates, and you are in great pain, then take the Opiate, Make sure to inform the practitioner so that they can run the Opiate Removal frequency. Exercise - Light exercise within a day after a treatment will help the treatment. THE PEMFT will keep working after the treatment session is over. The cells are excited, the more you can kept bodily fluids moving, the better. Vitamins - Supplementation may also help the results of an PEMFT treatment. 4,000 mg of Omega 3, Probiotic, Vegetarian Enzyme, natural Multi Vitamin, 1,000 of D3 Sleep - 7-8 hours of sleep is optimal for tissue repair and body rejuvenation. If you have trouble sleeping, there are frequencies programs that support quality sleep. You can only ‘raise your frequency’ for short periods of time. Music can entrain it. Other activities can alter it while you are doing them, but the change is only temporary. In order to change your frequency, you have to do the inner work, live your frequency and be open to all that is. Then you will integrate the higher frequency light and your Light Codes in your DNA will activate and your vibration will rise slightly. It is all controlled by your body and your soul plan. There are no short cuts. You have to embody the frequency change not just surround yourself with it. Disclaimer: The PLAZONIC™ device does not claim to treat or correct any medical diseases, injuries or symptoms. The PLAZONIC™ is considered a Wellness device by FDA guidelines.

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