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Neural Efficiency Optimizer

Neo Neurophone So I was experiencing some pretty gnarly migraines. It was 2017 and due to another synchronicity, I met Dr Chad Edward. He introduced me to the neo neurophone by Patrick Flanagan. Now I know that I can be pretty gullible sometimes but when it comes to healing modalities I’ve learned not to trust anybody else’s opinion and just go and experience it myself. So when the opportunity arose for me to be loaned a neo neurophone I was able to handle a 26 day seizure in October 2017. It helped my brain stay very present despite the electrical storm that was going off in my brain. There are three settings. one simulates intense meditation as it floods the prefrontal cortex or forehead area with blood which help soothe, almost anesthetize and heal the pain for me, quietly numb and present. Consciously conscious. Then the orange setting helped me with focus, problem solving, regulation rethinking and being able to speak fluently succinctly and properly without stuttering and slurring following such a massive energy flux in the brain. Finally the third setting is the green setting which is the loop of both the blue and the orange continuous loop wave without audible sound. How I was able to hear books through my third ear or the echo chamber of the mind through the temples and learn at a much higher pace simply while I slept seems to me the perfect remedy for someone like me that prefers to embrace my favorite sound, silence. Second fave is laughter. My friend Dennis said this to me once and it felt like my bio.

The Neo (neural efficiency optimizer) is a peace maker, a balancer and a genius maker!!!

SONAR - sound navigation and ranging waves through bone resonation. Ultrasonic frequencies sends signals to stimulate the small saccule in the inner ear at the same frequency the brain uses to decode and encode data. The saccule contains small nerve endings called macula and a small tissue cap called otolith which contains calcium carbonate or "sand-like" particles called octane. When the head head till, the small particles within the octonia shift and stimulate the small hair-like nerve endings of the macula. The stimulation is what informs the brain through the parasympathetic nervous system about your posture. It is your virtual gravity detection system. It is an information source without distraction.

There are three settings:

Orange Mode (Natures Code) or Fibonacci Mode:

This mode stimulates the alpha/beta waves for enhanced focus and concentration. It increases blood flow to the brain with oxygen. It gently forces the brain to align left/right hemispheres by vibrational waves and bone resonance. Active sonar or reflection of sound waves.

Blue Mode: Fibonacci Low:

This mode stimulates gamma/theta brain waves for deep concentration and meditation to aid in the circadian rhythm-sleep enhancement. Active sonar.

Green Mode:

Alpha, beta, gamma, theta waves are all looped to stimulate enhanced memory, information retention and learning. Quiet setting with fast loops. Passive Sonar no sound.

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