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PEMF - What's all the buzz about

PEMF Pulsed electro Magnetic Frequencies have been shown to be effective at reducing acute pain and chronic pain. It relieves pain by blocking pain signals, decreasing inflammation, increasing circulation and increasing cellular flexibility. Pain is the most common symptom for which people seek medical assistance. Narcotic Painkillers are heavily used and abused prescriptions. Over the counter as well as the pill mill for anti convulsant, anti depressant , anti-anxiety, there is a pill for it with a huge list of unwanted side effects, the potential for addiction and perpetual neurological confusion. I had had enough... This Inspired me to dive deeper... I knew pain was a communicator for change. I had Different types of pain sending me different messages!! I had: Nerve pain—burning, tingling, numb, shooting, my dermatome pattern was a carnival!

Muscular pain—dull and achy, sharp with ick movements, relieved with rest Visceral pain—nausea was constant, unrelieved with rest Joint pain/arthritis—sharp, localized, swollen, hot and red in the joint I read that the path that pain signals take in the brain is largely based on learned behaviors and/or our genetic inheritance of:

  • coping skills

  • fears

  • anxiety

  • stress management

  • motivation and/or depression

People who are depressed or anxious could be connecting their pain to those feelings, which can alter their perception of pain. Pain is a very real thing. It reminds us of what is lodged in the body which modulates the pain sensors either up or down. The ability to do this is largely based on a person’s emotional state. When I had reached my CNS limit, and it went PFO, I shut down and solved for my own health and well-being. No health insurance needed, I became focused on alternative and affordable health care.

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