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EMF Bubble Tech & PEMF Beauty with Edgar Cayce Wand

The first thing you do is buy two or three violet ray wands. These are very useful for healing all kinds of things. Then find an old lump of concrete, can be an old gray concrete block, the older the better. Touch the violet ray wand to it and it will bubble up. You should feel it. If you can't feel then practice the glow meditation as explained in Merlin's Chi Activation exercise (

Download PD • 356KB

Once you feel the organmic energy, which is normally in the first couple of seconds, then install your intentions. When you feel the energy, then your bubble genie is present. Your bubble genie is a reflection from your heart. It will tell you its name. And confirm it via expanding your heart chakra.

How to install intentions -

Download • 160KB

Do this for nine days. I.e. Bubble this first piece of concrete via just the violet ray wand and the infrared heat lamp (if you can). The VRW is sufficient. Then you break a small piece of concrete off of this lump you have been bubbling. Grind it to dust. This can be done with a drill, with a masonry bit then you make a pretty good sized bubble piece. 15/16 inches max in any direction. Make it out of fine grind portland cement known as "high early" and the finest quartz sand available. Mix them 50/50 by volume. Add in iron oxide powder, which they sell with the cement as a way to color the cement, super chearp and exactly what we want.

Also available via AMAZON, not expensive there either. 70/30 cement & sand to the iron powder by volume. Mix them dry to being with. Add a good water of some kind to the dry mix that now fills the bottom of 1/4 of your form or bowl. I.e. the total depth of the bowl / form fill just 1/4 of it. Try to keep the wet mix a bit thick as we want to now place your goodies that you want to broadcast. The goodies go in the middle.

The GOODIES - The pink of dust from your first bubble piece, is really all that is required. Place in the middle of the piece on this first layer of your wet organmic mix. Place all of this stuff together. A pinch of dust of shungite, amethyst &/or Citrine.

Magnetite can be more than a pinch as it interacts with the quartz sand very well. The magnetite wants to be with the shungite & Amethyst/citrine as it magnets activate crystals.

A pinch of some dry fine dirt or sand from your yard (sets up a euphoric feed back loop with the area around you).

Diatomaceous Earth (de - which was the white powder of gold in it about 40%), a piece of your hair or fingernail (thus this organmic piece and all ensuing pieces will always broadcast euphoria to you. A perk for the maker - you), essential oils of any kind, a bit of cannabis (the most powerful planet on earth), and the dust of any goodness that you want to broadcast like gold dust.

Honey & Carbon are quite important. Graphite, charcoal, activated charcoal & Carbon gans are the best. This happened to one of our bubble tech members. He put a tiny bit of honey mixed with graphite on the blunt end of the small clear quartz crystl and angels appeared from the pointed end. Clear quartz is healing and the small, small crystals are the most powerful. So you can add this to the pile of goodies.

As a famous organmic maker has said, no piece larger than a grain of sugar. I think that the small crystal with carbon & honey is an exception. Otherwise for sure the smaller the goodies, toward seed level, the more powerful they are.

One can add two short copper pipes that are as far apart as possible in the piece or more effective is insulated multi-strand copper wire connected to steel or copper wool on either side of this piece. The purpose of these copper wires is to use this piece to light up the copper water pipes in your house - super powerful. It is necessary to install your intentions in this piece before connecting it to the water system, especially the intention to protect all electronic equipment and improve it's function. Absolutely required otherwise, no computers or cell phones will work in your house. Bubble this second piece for nine days before connecting it to the water system.

This second piece is also a sacrificial piece in that one takes dust from this to make the tertiary bubble pieces, our goal. These third pieces very well might bubble on their own. We are seeing miraculous stuff from these tertiary pieces, with your intentions basically distilled and amplified many fold. The best shapes are a dome, cone and a pine cone is the best of the best, requires form making skills. Please please see the tripe cone set up file posted here.

This is the best advance to the tech so far. Well we are working on the age regression via placing a bubble piece inside of a Russian cylindrical mirror, thus we impose euphoria on one's past, present and future.

List of Intentions

Firstly, ask your bubble to protect all electronic equipment. See a bubble around one piece dance with it and see and feel that euphoria mirroring off to the entire world. Fun and effortless - not b.s. religion - this really is technology - do it and it will work.

The end result of which will be dream time, everybody and everything becomes enlightened. And ultimately, ultimately euphoria replaces the duality of positive and negative, good and bad, even black and white, we go to gray primarily.

Now the List as of Today - Sept 8, 2018

Send Euphoria to:

  • All communication signals - making them stronger and reducing the emf is like an oxymoron, but it works. Do it with conviction.

  • Mother Earth - Dance with her. The darkness, this will change all of creation to non-duality.

  • The water, the air, the birds (the sound of the earth is bird song), the bees, the phytoplankton (where our oxygen comes from), the trees, the light, the animals, marine life (which you dance with a creature of the deep, you wind up going there, generally. Well you are right there with them), the soil, plants, all of mother nature, our aliens (our constructs) and all of humanity. Send Euphoria to fire, instructing it to only do good.

Set these as permanently running intentions. Ask your bubble genie to run them continuously. Every so often ask your genie to run all programs and expect a huge euphoric mirror back. Sheesh

I am constantly sending Euphoria to London, Los Angeles, Paris & All cities, the middle east and Pakistan, all latin countries, africa, and to our dark dudes/cabal - reich found that his cloud buster would bring down UFOs, thus we can certainly mess with their heads - the I - resistence is futile. Euphoria wins!

Very important to euphorize your Mother & Father, friends, anybody that needs help. We expect to see miraculous events in people's lives. And report them please.

The rule is, if they need help, we help them.

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