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Dolphin Neuro-Stim

The Dolphin Neurostim (tm) works by sending an electrical impulse to locate, then stimulate both the nerve and acupuncture points connected to a disorder. When properly stimulated, these points relax muscles, improve circulation, and trigger the release of beta-endorphins - the body's own painkillers. Because of it's ability to activate the body' natural healing and pain relieving response, it is a preferred alternative to pharmaceuticals.

Nerve or Trigger/Motor points are tiny, tight bundles of nerve endings located throughout our muscles. They become tender when a muscle or a related muscle is injured. These points on the skin display a lowered electrical resistance than the surrounding tissue, and can be precisely identified and stimulated with the Dolphin Neurostim (tm). Traditional acupuncture points lie within a system of bio-energetic pathways called meridians. While these points are connected to our internal organs and body tissues, they're often located in areas with no anatomical relationship to the injury. Acupuncture points will also manifest the same electrical characteristics that our units are designed to detect with great accuracy. As many of these acupuncture points are nerve points, and vice versa, the most successful results follow treatment which combines acupuncture and trigger point therapies. This combination produces a synergistic pain relief that goes beyond conventional treatment.

When the Dolphin unit's Point Finder (PF) on the skin - either directly or through a loosely knit fabric, the PF is near one of the points (within 0.5 mm), the built-in detector will emit a high-pitched tone. Once the PF has found the exact point, the green indicator light located on the back of the unit will turn off, and the tone will increase in pitch. Fast-acting relief begins by pushing and holding down the treatment button. During treatment, when the Dolphin Neurostim (tm) locates and stimulates the right point, it will produce a strong, tingling sensation known as "De Chi".

Hypersensitive points will feel "hot" or "needle-like". Ride the sensation by taking long, deep breaths; it will soon ease into warm wave of relief and well being.

Like exercise or massage, treatment with the Dolphin Neurostim (tm) releases the bio-chemicals responsible for that warm, euphoric feeling known as "runner's high". Some patients also experience mild stiffness, which is a positive signal that the muscles are realigning, and the body is being brought back into balance.

Dolphin Neurostim

Pain, especially chronic pain, can be an incredibly debilitating condition to experience. It is one of the most unpleasant experiences for any human being to endure and is the number one reason why chronic pain sufferers seek medical attention. Unfortunately, physicians and therapists have little to no formal training in chronic pain management. Now there is a scientifically proven solution, the Dolphin Neurostim, that may provide significant relief for those suffering from pain.

The Dolphin Neurostim is the world’s first device specifically designed for to reduce sympathetic stress for the reduction of soft tissue pain. Dolphin applies brief, concentrated DC micro-impulses to key neurological points (called MPS Therapy) that reduce nervous system stress to relax muscles and relieve pain. This natural but potent form of pain relief is now being applied in over 60,000 hospitals and pain clinics world-wide.

Dolphin: New “First Response” to Chronic Pain The Dolphin DC Microcurrent gently whispers at the body’s fascia and nervous systems, soliciting a deep, healing response that reverberates throughout the entire body. The Dolphin’s stimulation is thousands of times less in strength than traditional AC TENS devices and is therefore far safer – and far more effective – in the treatment of chronic and acute pain. So effective, Dolphin has been called “microcurrent biostimulation” in the marketplace due to its added benefits on cellular physiology and growth.

Dolphin is published to be effective for:

  • Back Pain (JACIM)

  • Neck Pain (JCAM)

  • Body-wide Pain (Med Acup)

  • Post-Surgical Pain (IJCAM) Stress reduction

  • Stress reductionMed Acup

  • Improving Massage (JYPT)

Treatment Points

The Dolphin Neurostim applies its unique stimulus to acupuncture treatment points that target specific pain conditions in the body. When Dolphin is combined with pain condition protocols depicted in the Natural Health Manual (included in the Dolphin Neurostim Kit), the therapy is called MPS or Microcurrent Point Stimulation. (Click here to read more). Dolphin-MPS protocols instantly reduce stress and naturally release muscles and endorphins to relieve chronic pain through the body. This multi-pronged effect on the body’s nervous, muscular and endocrine systems is why the Dolphin-MPS works so quickly and so effectively on many chronic pain conditions where other approaches fail.

Dolphin Is Easy To Use

Designed to easily detect recommended treatment points on its own, once switched on, the Dolphin stimulates treatment points with absolute scientific precision. The Dolphin Neurostim’s unique approach to muscular pain relief was developed with the input of thousands of health-care professionals. The end result is a simple, natural and effective solution for the relief of acute and chronic muscular pain, both clinically and at home.

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