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Your Divine Gifts and how to access them.



In these current times on the planet, there is an ability for You that is unprecedented. An ability to access Your Divine Gifts, Your energetic prowess, while still in a Humanoid form. What You are being given, is at a level higher than black magic, it is indeed, White Magic. This White Magic is not given to everyone, only the Ones that are to be using it here at this time to assist with the Ascension. Those Ones Know or will Know who they are and do succeed bringing the Divine Gifts into them in this Now to assist others. There are no monetary rewards with this, and this magic cannot be used to manifest monetary abundance. Your rewards begin as gratification and satisfaction that Your gifts are really helping others, then these rewards transition into more meaning as You evolve to the higher understandings. A place where You see and it is confirmed, that You are provided for and always have what You need to proceed as an Earth Angel.

With this Ascension and the distribution and empowerment of these gifts, comes great discipline and discretion. You can also be stripped of these gifts instantly, upon supporting a less than Divine path. These gifts are indeed Sacred and are safeguarded to the absolute extent. What empowers and enhances Your gifts is a complete virtue and essentially, just Being the best person possible, going even above morals and ethics. What strips and limits Ones Divine gifts/prowess, is fear based acts, of which selfishness and greed are two. So, as You see, this Magic cannot be used in any way "bad", for the built-in mechanism where it works on frequency, is, for example, sixth dimensionally based. Black Magic could/can only work in sub 5D, which is 4D. A lot of You Now have access to 5D and higher, making You untouchable to any 4D influences, and of course Black Magic.

You have indeed been prepared for this, consciously and subconsciously. You have been put into the Darkest and most fearful scenarios, to enable You to understand from them and yes, Master them to an efficient degree. All are quite worthy of their gifts, despite their past lessons and karmic cycles in this lifetime, those of You seeing Your gifts strengthening, means You have graduated and are stepping into Your next purpose, Your next role in this Ascension. It is in this next role that You will be utilizing and applying Your Divine Gifts to a greater extent, and a much stronger extent, than ever before. You could say that You were drafted by Source, but in reality, You agreed to this and very excitedly wanted this from the Soul level. So, Your Time is nigh, nigh to Know more why You are here and what is Divinely expected of You. You are beginning to more clearly see Your purpose.

Currently upon the planet, upon Gaia's surface, there are about 3.4 million Humanoid/Souls that are at the level to begin to utilize these Divine Gifts, to a Higher extent, to assist with the overall Ascension. More will be activated as a result of this Now and what transpires shortly afterward. These following instructions are for those requiring them and for the others to follow.

With these gifts, You assist All forward, there is no separation when You understand that the student joins and becomes a teacher in turn, until All are together, until All converge as ONE. With these gifts, You create the 5D, You initiate to higher degrees the required transitions, the phasing out of the old and the ushering in of the New. Yes, You are the Ones, and it entails something more than perhaps most thought while they were in the lower density.

You can do no "wrong", for it does not work that way. You are guided to the fullest extent and all is assured at Higher levels. Some of You are being rushed forward without all of the fear aspects out of the way, but the fear aspects dissipate quickly upon accepting Your roles and receiving directly the confirmations of Truth. With these gifts, You will be connected directly to the High Realm and will not require a planetary "middleman". You will be flying on Your own down here upon Your next graduation, supported and guided by the Highest, Knowing what to do and when to do it.

This introduction is page 1 and other pages will follow over time, but as to cover a short period elapsed for the totality. The next page gets into the basics and begins the gift information.




I can be very right to the point and save so many of You precious time by simply saying "be fully Christ Like", then You will see Your prowess more readily apparent, BUT, You may still need to Know what they are and how to use them. I saw a Feminine One post this just yesterday, "be Christ Like", and it is indeed so true. Except, Christ does not physically die this Time and his mission is fulfilled through All of You, the ever-expanding and rapidly growing Christ Consciousness. When Christ/God/SOURCE said to believe in him and ye shall have eternal life, this was one hint/key OF WHO YOU ARE AND HOW TO ACCESS YOUR ASCENSION. You do not sacrifice nor suicide this physical body to get there, in fact, to attempt such a thing would only lock the Soul back into a reincarnation loop, because of the fear aspect associated with that type of intent. This further shows All that this is not a cult nor anything perceived as "bad", that it is actual and has the purest intent. ( I put this in there for New Ones starting their paths so that they may easily incorporate common sense and do not waste time discerning if this is for them or not, and erasing immediately some of that doubt so that their Consciousness can open further and quicker to what is valuable for them, and expedite their progress. It has always been the same in the past, fear, doubt etc, clouds the judgment, and keeps One from the Truth. Fear also creates preconceived notions that cause separation. The adage; "blinded by fear", is a truth.)

Over the course of the last few years, I have been releasing hints and keys for this Time, for Your preparation. I have been directly and indirectly activating some of You. Bit by bit, the information was put out there in such a manner as to not inundate, to give You time to digest it, and to give the appropriate allowance of time for additional information to arrive for You.Also, during this time, Your physical Vessels were under constant upgrading to withstand the higher Energy You will be working with. Nothing is by chance, and You Know this NOW. Although these "basics" and further instruction is KNOWN to a few of You, remember, this is for those ready NOW TO STEP INTO THEIR PROWESS and the Ones to follow, and also as a refresher and/or confirmation for You that it is TIME.

Everything and all things are governed by Energy and in fact, all things are energy. It is the vibration/frequency of energy which dictates what HAPPENS on this planet and in these accessible Dimensions NOW of 4,5D. Your Divine Prowess is dependent upon frequency/vibration AND IS ALSO HOW YOU USE IT. Your Divine Prowess is actually ENERGY/VIBRATION AND FREQUENCY all tied into one. A simple example of You using energy in the past to create an event, sequence of events, a reality, was to make a person cry by cruel words or to make them laugh by a joke, without physically touching them. Simple displays of the power of Your words, voice and intent.(Manifestation is a more enhanced gift You enjoyed lately, but we get into more of that later, for there is important information on that particular power.) And simply again, where Divinity is all things good, You will be creating Happy, Positive, Loving, etc scenarios and outcomes with good intent for All. So, You do not and cannot harm anyone or set off chains of harmful events on the timelines, very simple. Any God or Goddess that goes astray, does exactly that, they instantly end up on the 4D Timelines stripped of their prowess. You are to Create the Heaven on Earth for All to enjoy with these NEW Timelines and NEW Gaia. So, if there ever really is a Hell, I guess You can say that it is the savagery of 4D.

The simple reason these Divine Powers will not work and are safeguarded against misuse, is because of the ill intent. Any ill intent is a sub 5D frequency that sets off a negatively charged implosion reality for the perpetrator, it comes back on them 10 fold or more. So any attempt to use the Divine technique with ill intent, literally sets off a destruction sequence for them, a destructive sequence that involves them attracting the negative instantly back to them (intense karma). This is also why You are protected from any malevolent attacks at this time and forward. You have had benevolent negative attacks in the past, to assist with Your training, to get You to this level of knowledge and understanding. Some of You will further be subjected to negative events as part of Your in the field training and learning more of how Your gifts work and how to graciously apply them.

You do not require any material objects to assist You with Your Divine Magic, it is all activated from Your heart and sent to the brain then pushed outward as a frequency pulse. Crystals have assisted others in the past because of their contained high frequency, but really are no longer required at this level. Crystals may be temporarily used for some to calibrate and stabilize their energetic fields as they come more into their prowess if they wish. Clear quartz crystal is the most powerful.

The most challenging for All of You and I included, was overcoming the control of fear. All of You and I were subjected at the Human level to fear situations, some to the extreme, we were tested and prepared by these events for this NOW. The main reason being, Your entire energetic fields must not be contaminated by lower density fear vibrations when using Your Divine Prowess to the extents that You will NOW be allowed under Universal Law. So simply, You were subjected to some of Your greatest fears so that You could overcome them and understand the control and dynamics of that energy.




So, at this point, You have relatively, a good idea of what needs to be prepared. It is to be understood that every Soul is at different levels with the strengths of their gifts and their individual processes of preparation. So, let us keep this simple and put the PREPARATION instructions in point form so that each may begin at the point that coincides with their level of KNOWING AND READINESS. Keep in mind, that Angels are PURE, and in there assistance to others, there must not be any fear contaminants in there assistance to others and the event chains that they administer. PURITY of the HEART, where all manifestation in this Now, begins.

1. Eliminate the control that fear and every aspect of fear has upon You and Your being. All of these I am mentioning here, are fear-based energies and need to be eliminated or diminished to the maximum, this list is not inclusive but enough for You to get the idea of what MUST go. For it is these fears that SEPARATE You from Your gifts/powers to proportionate degrees. Some simple fears are; worry, doubt, uncertainty, protective, competitive, ego, unmannerly, degrading others, low self-esteem, greed, selfishness, frustration, irritation, impatience, lying, deceit, not speaking Your truth, and the list goes on.

2. Upon eliminating each fear-based energy from Your fields and responsive acts, You REPLACE these negatively charged energies/acts with the positive opposite. During the process of this REPLACEMENT You will rationalize in Your brain how that fear controlled You, so You may assist others in the future to do the same thing. This REPLACEMENT is SO IMPORTANT because what it does is begin to change the polarity of Your field and INTENT to a more powerful energy stream emanating from You and being utilized by You in Your Angelic efforts. So what You are basically doing, is PURIFYING Your Energy output to affect/effect all things in Your Path in the most Purest Positive way. Remember, You are NOW creating/manifesting realities in Your daily existence here and You wish for those realities/events to be positively charged to be the most favorable as they can be.

3. A quick way to speed through points 1 and 2 above, is to fully surrender to Source/God or whatever Higher Power You are having the most trust in at this time, this higher power can even be Your Higher Self, it does not matter because all belief leads and converges to the One Ultimate place. How You get there, via Your belief system, does not readily matter, what matters, is that You get there. So, yes, be carefree and FULLY TRUST that Your Higher Power has got Your back and that there is definitely Nothing to fear and that ALL OF THESE FEAR RESPONSES must go so that You may be more EMPOWERED to accomplish Your Divine Mission/Purpose. So, the simplest way is to say "I am giving this a shot, I am just letting All the fear aspects go and Am putting ALL TRUST and Belief in the Higher Power I believe in". Then what happens is that You set off/TRIGGER a personalized chain of events/synchronicities that give YOU Your very own CONFIRMATIONS, WHICH IN TURN is then added to Your TRUST and BELIEF and CONVERTED INTO YOUR ANGELIC PROWESS.

4. INSTILL within Your heart the intent, that with every Divine act You will perform here, will be GOOD FOR ALL. UNDERSTAND that these gifts are not to be used for Your own preservation, You are and will be, modestly provided for and accommodated from a higher place while performing Your temporary Divine purposes/acts.

5. So, at this point, because of integrating within You the former points, You are in a Higher Empowered state. Your overall frequency has risen and has become more purely refined. You have opened Energy channels that were blocked by the fear energies within You, to higher levels. You have also risen Your consciousness to a higher state of perception and KNOWING. You have more strongly connected Your heart to the brain, bringing online and activating more of Your Divine ability. At this level, more of Your abilities will also be shown to You. This is HOW You ACCESS Your DIVINE GIFTS at higher levels.

6. For those of You that decided to look at this last point first, I suggest that You go back to point one, because it becomes very clear that You have work to do.




Over the course of this lifetime here Some of You have certain Divine Gifts activated and have been utilizing them in Your lives and as part of Your purpose. There are others, that had no idea that they had access to such prowess. Since 2012, Ones previously utilizing their Divine Gifts, have seen these Gifts enhanced and taking on a higher quality of accuracy and effect. Since 2012, others are discovering that they have Gifts they never knew they had. The most pronounced and perhaps foremost of these Gifts would be the HEALING Gifts.


Because HEALING Gifts were in play throughout given history and widely dispersed through All culture, a lot of the New Divine Energy being administered to the planet, went into these Gifts and began to evolve them further. These Gifts were already aligned with the 5D, AND ENHANCEMENTS TO THESE GIFTS BECAME MORE noticeable by the masses, by way of so many being attracted to the higher forms of healing. This was not by chance and so many of You have witnessed, and continue to do so, the attraction to the alternative healing which involves Energy, and the departure from orthodox medicine with its chemical drugs.

Not only is the Human body healed during these healing processes, but many other beneficial effects are set in motion. The most important beneficial effect begins at the molecular level where polarity is changed more to the positive within the patient. So simply, there is the most important Energy Exchange from the Healer, to the Patient and then most times brought back to the Healer themselves to neutralize and clear. All Healers must appreciate that You have the prowess to change the polarity of the Negative charged Energy You are taking from a patient, and that You just do not zap it out of someone and set it free to affect others, You must proceed to work Yourself out of a job and usher in, the 5D.

A healer becomes more powerful, more empowered, by purifying their intent and mentality in their healing processes. If a healer is performing Energy healing and has negative contaminants within their energy stream, like thinking about how much money they will make, it lessens their prowess. In reverse of this, One that is healing with the purest intent from the heart and mentality, they WILL SEE miraculous results. We NEED to see these miraculous results in this NOW, for every testimony that is publicly shared, it effects the required change for 5D. The masses need to see to believe, Your job is to show as many as You can that You ARE performing the miraculous healing

Before attempting any healing process, as well as accessing any of Your Gifts, You are more powerful and efficient, by CLEANSING YOUR OWN ENERGETIC FIELD FIRST.

There are various ways to which You may cleanse Your Energetic fields before proceeding with healing work and Divine Work as a whole. There is no incorrect way when You TRUST and BELIEVE that whatever way You are cleansing, is CORRECT. If You feel there may be a better way or a more efficient way, You put that thought out there and observe what may present itself for You in the future. If needed, it will Divinely be placed before You.

Your consciousness connected to ALL of Your Energetic Field has reached unprecedented proportions. It is more powerful than You ever even considered it would be. This means that You are able to perform very powerful miraculous things with Your MIND. It does not matter what Divine gift You may be utilizing, the procedure and instruction are rather quite simple and applies to All Gifts.



















FOR SOME OF YOU, WE have installed a guidance messaging system in the frontal lobes of Your brain. This message system is temporary as You evolve further and into the higher frequencies. It is a system to guide You and assist You in Your most favorable choices THAT are aligned with the Divine Plan. You may test the messaging system by doing the opposite of what it suggests, this will quickly validate the system for You and You will KNOW that You can TRUST it, by seeing the negative event brought on by not listening to it. The more You trust it, the stronger and more refined it becomes in guiding You in this Now. This system is attached directly to Your future self and Source, and gives You feedback in the form of guidance. Belief and trust in this gift at the early stage assists greatly in empowering it.

Your brain has been rewired to accommodate this Gift, as part of the Ascension Process. It is a very easy and simple guidance tool to follow once it is up and running efficiently by You. It works by giving You small headache sensations on either side of the frontal lobes of Your brain. Slightly above the temples and forward above the eye, is the location of the receivers. So, simply, receiving a short headache like sensation, that lasts for seconds, on the right side of Your forehead, means "yes", sensations on the left side, means "no". This messaging system is connected to everything You do, everywhere You go, and everything You think. To get familiar with how it functions, initially begin by asking it questions and wait for the response. Be concise in Your questions for this system operates concisely and on Truth, and if You are not quite concise, it may flicker back and forth from yes to no, until You rephrase the question to be more precise. You develop and strengthen it further the more You utilize and follow it, evolving into the most easiest way to be guided in this Now. It is the utmost discerning mechanism that weeds out garbage/distractions for You and keeps You definitely focused on Your mission/purpose. Human logic only goes as far as 4D, higher than that, things work differently and are much more far-sighted, allowing for what may appear as contradictions in the early use of Your messaging system. To override this, keep full trust and belief in Your system, and later You will be shown exactly why it appeared contradictory, as Your consciousness will perceive from a higher level. So, there is a slight catch, You HAVE to believe and trust.

It may seem like a blind leap, but You must take that leap to get You to a position, where You can see. Without taking the leap, You keep Yourself in a loop, where nothing changes.


No one can lie to You at this time because the frequency no longer supports anything that is not good intent. This means that most cannot lie right to Your face, and if they do, the TRUTH will be revealed to You shortly after in some recognizable form by You. During the course of doing Your Divine work, there are Times when One/s may be placed before You, where they confess and tell You things about themselves that they have never told anyone before. You are healing them although they may only say; "why am I telling You this?, because they at that stage are just beginning a sort of Awakening.

You are given this ability for several reasons of which the most important would be, exposing/revealing a lie before its negative effects generate through a timeline. The One perpetrating the lie, if known by You at that moment is to be confronted in a compassionate manner, for example; You saying; "I do not believe that?", this gives them the opportunity to correct themselves and the effects the lie may have, and also, You did not confront them from a negative/fear-based action, that would have fed the negativity and allow for it to grow.


Some of You have had the liberty of manifesting things, some almost out of thin air, and few, out of thin air. For those of You that have accomplished this and KNOW it is fact, these were only minor hints of Your ability. Usually, You have been manifesting by wishing it so in Your heart and brain and letting it go to the Universe to see if You would receive. Many of You were ALLOWED for Your manifestations to work, for several reasons, of which the most important would establish the credibility of Your ability. In reality, You are NOT ALLOWED to manifest selfishly. Your future manifestations will be for things based on the "good for All". Things that You may require will be modestly administered to You by Divine means, You are always provided for and merely have to ask the Higher Realms if You temporarily may need something. You really do NOT have to expend Energy on Creating/manifesting for Yourself, Your Energy has the greater effect by focusing it outwards to assist ALL/OTHERS. This action, in turn, leads to a greater abundance for All much quicker. You must understand that You have been bestowed with this gift to use unselfishly, towards an end. You assist in prolonging that end when You become selfish.

Manifesting is simple, put the intent in Your heart, push it up to the brain and connect the intent to the thought, and push it outward from the right side of Your brain. Test Your selfless manifestation ability by simple acts like; "I wish for someone to drop flowers off to my next door neighbor", then observe what happens. Patience is required and manifestations sometimes may take a week, depending on how complex the events are that lead up to the actual manifestation, and of course, IF IT IS ALLOWED. You must understand that EVERY manifestation upon the planet is governed by Universal Law and the Divine Plan, meaning that just because a certain manifestation was NOT approved, does NOT mean that Your abilities do not work.


All of these abilities apply to You and more. The BELIEF and TRUST in these abilities, trigger, initiate and empower them. Play with them if You wish to find out Your sequence to accessing and utilizing them.


Yes, You have these abilities as well. In the past. I have tested some of You individually as well as a group. Always, You received the confirmation that it is so. Some are very powerful already in this category and KNOW they can, and they do it, from a place of good intent. To change EVENTS is a little more complex, for it involves rewinding in Time sometimes, as well as altering the flash point of the event, which may be several steps back. Usually, we do not focus on the past but initiate NEW events that come from an angle and alters the ill intent event into an event more in line with good will. So, WE do not confront an event head-on, WE set in motion, another event that overpowers it, this is IMPORTANT because some of You will have missions that do this, as the 5D Transition continues. The outcomes are more efficient and rapid, depending upon the United Energy being focused into the initiation process. These group efforts are always watched over by Council as well as being approved, and MUST be in line with the overall Divine Plan and Ascension. An example of this is when WE as a group, weakened the hurricane last summer AGAINST scientific expectations, then we were told to ABORT, and the hurricane restrengthened and resumed its course of desired Divine instruction. Just to note, the hurricane had to be allowed to pressure the "old system".


At present,2017, Your control over these abilities is limited. This is due in part to Your Soul contract and Your place here NOW within the Divine Plan. However, some of You have had the liberty to actually experience this, while others were subconscious of it occurring with them. Part of Your Divine Protection here involves placing You in different time and space, when required. Some of You notice that time was lost or gained, and even being in a place that You really do not remember the short past that got You to that location. There are also times when You jump timelines because of significant fluctuations in Your vibration. You can do this by will, but all transporting at this time is on a limited approved basis. Everyone is placed where they should be, and You must accept and abide by that. For some of You, You were only shown that You could bilocate, astral travel, so it was confirmed for You, for a later date. With some others, You were shown distortions in time and space, to introduce You to this for work in Your Now and future Divine work. Certain Grid Workers were shown distortions pertaining to their missions. Essentially, You utilize this process by concentrating with Your mind. It is also an Ascension method, depending upon Divine APPROVAL.





Each of You has an active portal, You always did. Your portal is unseen by the naked eye and is Your connection to Your Higher Self and High Realm/Source. You mostly have an anchored portal where You reside that You subconsciously/Soul level draws upon for upgrades and conscious travel. There is a flow between You and this Portal always and You have another portal attached to You that goes where You go. Upon raising Higher in vibration, You connect the two portals into one and they are with You everywhere You go, with the big one that was stationary, being able to be temporarily opened by You anywhere. Your portal provides access to ALL Your Gifts and Divine Knowledge as well as Your Akashic Record. When One is ready, they are introduced to their portal. These portals are also boosters for Your Divine Energy work.

The most efficient and powerful way to open Your Portal, (and this will not work if You are not pure enough of heart yet, follow the simple instructions to get to this level) is by this exercise. Locate on Your property where Your portal may be if You do not already KNOW. Do this by following intuition and the senses, or what other methods You may choose(perhaps point and ask Your messaging system what direction). Go to what is the center and relax standing up, palms outstretched somewhat upward. Breath in and out regularly, slowing down the breathing. Take a deep breath inward and then exhale, when You have exhaled all the air that You thought was in Your lungs, exhale a bit more, because there is stagnant air left in the bottom of the lungs, that needs to come out, creating a full fresh intake of air for the next steps. It is important to get as much of this stagnant air out because its CHARGE has been reduced by being inside of You and is exhausted of its energy potential.

So, relax again and get the breathing normal, inhaling and exhaling a little more air than what was normal before. NOW You are ready. While standing with arms outstretched from Your sides with palms upward, take a deep breath inward while at the same time imagining energy being taken in through every pore of Your body. Imagine at the same time that the air You are bringing in is going to Your Heart center. Push this air up to the RIGHT side of Your brain and imagine this air turning into Light Energy, then bring it back down to heart center as You exhale energizing the exhale with Love from Your heart, and blow towards the ground. Repeat this complete breathing exercise 3 times if You can, then rest. If You were successful in this attempt, You will notice a difference in the sky directly above You, like if some sort of portal is there. It is best for You to initially attempt this on a cloudy day/night, for if successful, You will see the clouds open up to clear sky. You may also see unexpected guests like animals, Angels or Light Beings. It is not limited to what You may see in good things connected to You opening Your Divine Portal. Again, You can blatantly see how this Divine mechanism cannot be utilized by the Dark, for again, its success depends upon the purity of the heart.

AND MORE.......

YOU HAVE THE DIRECT DIVINE ABILITY TO CHANGE EVERYTHING IN THE NEAR FUTURES IN LINE WITH UNIVERSAL LAW AND THE DIVINE PLAN upon GAIA. You do this with Your minds and the more Uniting under one intent, the more powerful the force to bring the intent to fruition and accuracy. You do not waste Energy on confronting things in the NOW, You direct Your Energy on initiating the good change for All, what You wish to see, for example; do not wish a tax system will disappear, but rather initiate/ plant a seed, that excludes any type of taxation. This way, You are energizing an already Divinely supported stream of equality for All, freedom and even the non-requirement for money on the planet. When You energize things like this from the positive side, You will be more effective, rather than fighting (which is fear based) something already in existence. By fighting something negative in existence, You are actually feeding it and keeping Yourself within the endless loop, the confines it will hold You in. It is easier to open a box from the outside.

In the "OPENING YOUR PORTAL/S" section above, I shared with You the breathing technique to open Your Portal. This same technique is also used to energize Your Divine ABILITIES. You can begin each day by charging Yourself up like this or just use it before a mission/group effort like above. It raises Your vibration so that any Divine Work You are doing, is amplified by it, resulting in a stronger satisfactory result. Any breathing exercise of fresh air draws in charged particles in the air which connect to Your energetic fields, making Your fields more powerful and highly POSITIVELY charged.

Another way to use Your prowess is to pulse from the root chakra. Let us say that You want to put in motion that Your next door neighbor receives flowers again. What You do is, with Your mind, go to Your root chakra near the bottom of Your spine, power up the area by feeling it, then feel it swirl there, then imagine and feel the energy being spiraled up in a clockwise motion, grabbing the good intent from the heart, spiralling upward to the right side of the brain and attaching the good thought, then project that energy right out in the air in front of You from the right frontal lobe, allowing that pulse to go free. With each Divine act You set off, You may add (I strongly suggest), the extra push by saying; "and so it is".


1. Follow and apply the preparation in this manual.

2. Begin testing and counter testing Your abilities, experiment with them, practice does make perfect, have patience and be persistent, do NOT give up

3. Up to a gallon a day of fluoride-free water empowers Your energetic field by acting as a conductor, that is why water is so important, let alone flushing the body of the collected chemicals that fill the cells up with garbage that limits One's abilities and much more negative effects on the human body.

4. Diet is also extremely important, it is best to refrain from processed foods and keep the best raw vegetables in Your diet that You can, raw celery is exceptionable.

5. You are more powerful United with and staying connected with others of like mind and body. Your greatest and quickest results will come from joining Your power with others.

6. Do Not give away Your consent to anything You KNOW is not moral or ethic, state Your Truth when You KNOW something is not just, stand in Your TRUTH, to not do so, will only disempower You to some degree.

7. So, as in ALL Gifts, the prowess of that Gift, is determined by the purity of the intent. ill intent will not activate the prowess.

8. Be very conscientious of Your spoken word always, You do not want to be saying something incorrect or saying something that isn't so.

9. Remember, some things are not to be interfered with, this does not mean that Your Gifts are not working, it's just that it has been overridden.

10. BELIEF and TRUST empowers You to the fullest extents allowed per dimension.

11. Patience, wait times for manifestations can be instantaneous or take a week depending upon circumstance being rerouted.

12. Share unrestricted ALL of Your feats with others so that the veils come down efficiently and the masses are more introduced to the TRUTH. Every testimony creates good change happen at a stronger and rapid pace.


Love and Light

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