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Three Minute Egg Yoga Blocks


Three Minute Egg ® is your One-Stop Yoga Prop. This new concept in yoga accessories combines the benefits of a yoga block, yoga bolster, yoga belt and yoga blanket, into one incredibly beautiful, versatile and easily transportable yoga tool.

Yoga students, yoga teachers, yoga studios and people who prefer to practice yoga at home with their yoga DVDs all love Three Minute Egg.

  • To see the 3 Minute Egg in action, watch our videos.

  • To learn about specific postures, see our Andansanas (Yoga Egg postures) page.

  • To learn which 3-Minute Eggs are right for you, check out our 3ME Buyer's Guide.

Note: When using our Egg-shaped yoga blocks in your practice, make sure your yoga mat is a sticky one. We have found that Jade Yoga Mats work best with our yoga Eggs.

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