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ProPosture Neck Exerciser - Estimate $60

The ProPosture Neck Exerciser pulls the normal forward curvature into the neck region while strengthening exercisers are performed during the 6-minute, six exercise sessions. These sessions provide immediate relief of chronic neck pain and restricted neck motion.

The ProPosture Neck Exerciser applies a strong rehabilitative stretching of the front neck structures. This helps to stretch out thinning degenerated discs, breaking-up scar tissue and allowing then to absorb surrounding blood and re-hydrate. This Patent Pending device can also be used strenghten the important deep neck flexors, which research has shown will improve head posture and reduce chronic neck pain and headache.

The ProPosture Neck Exerciser comes with U.S. made solid rubber bands that have a "One Year Warranty" against breakage. The bands are easily adjustable in length. The shorter the band length, the higher the resistance or pull. Two band sizes are available. Red (thinner) bands for an easy to medium level of pull. Black (thicker) bands for a medium to firm level of pull.

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