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Briggs Myers - INFJ-e

INFJ-e Two sides

I have two sides.

One side is ultra private quiet incredibly shy introverted conservative person. Smart clever and ignorant with what is unknown until researched and absorbed, in my way, traditionally audible books. I dont really enjoy talking when in this mode. I prefer listening understanding comprehending it gives an air of aloofness... im researching the variety of waves that are presented when in the company of others their waves. All of them. Imagine me at a concert. Every wave length is seen felt heard scanned processed and energetically fluid in my brains processor. The anne wide web can tie that information into a cohesively understood snowflake for the data transmission realizations. It is indeed a convoluted NOW moment most every moment.

I find headphones most useful to distort the distortions. Even ear plugs. Bountiful little buds they are. It is as if it offers me the chance to plug up my listening holes so i may actually hear. Not the chatter of people. It allows the sound of God.

The other one is very funny outgoing life of the party extroverted.

I’m a classic infj/e.

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