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BLUE LOTUS (NYMPHAEA CAERULEA) - Raise your mood and maybe a few other things...

Also known as the "Flower of intuition"

Valued since glorification from the Egyptians in ancient times, blue water lily (lotus) is mood-elevating, enchanting and seductive.

Activates serotonin and dopamine receptors.

Popular & Esoteric Blue Lotus uses include:

  • Aids in spiritual connection

  • Elevates consciousness

  • Enhance tantric massages

  • Euphoric

  • Lucid dreaming

  • Increases circulation

  • Increases Sexual Desire

  • Sedative

  • Stress Relief

  • Mood Elevating

  • Aromatic Scent

Suggested Uses Great and widely used for aromatherapy. Blue Lotus is known as a natural aphrodisiac. Can be used for aromatherapy, promotion of sexual desire, ecstasy, and euphoria. Blue lotus may speed up circulation and enhance connection to source. It’s a wonderful meditation aid, opening chakras (specifically the third eye), aiding one on their spiritual path. Dispels negative emotions and thoughts.

A few drops can be added to a carrier oil to create a massage oil. The active alkaloids in lily and lotus absolutes will absorb through the skin, meaning that both the giver and the receiver of a massage with such an oil will experience gentle psychoactive / mood elevating effects.

Absolute oils may also be added to smoking blends to potentiate and enrich the experience – simply add one drop of the essential oil to a dose of the herb to experience its full effects.

Lily and lotus essential oils may also be placed in oil warmers to create powerful aromatherapy experiences, and some people also report adding a few drops to wine to create a psychoactive brew (try 1 drop/dab per 4-16 ounces).

Finally, if you’re looking for a quick and immediate experience with the power of these plants, simply lift the Absolute to your nose and inhale – you will experience the unmistakable effects within five to ten inhalations.

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